Do you need a solar charge controller ?

   If you’re considering installing an off-grid solar project with a battery attached, you’ll want to look into a solar charge controller for your system. Charge controllers act as a gateway to your battery, and ensures that you don’t overcharge and damage your energy storage system.


A solar charge controller is a regulator for your solar battery that prevents it from overcharging. Batteries are rated for voltage capacity, and

exceeding that voltage can lead to permanent battery damage and loss of functionality over time. Solar charge controllers act as a gate to your

battery storage system, making sure damage doesn’t occur from overloading it.

Charge controllers are only necessary in a few specific cases. Most commonly, you will want to look into charge controllers if you are trying to

install an off-grid solar system, from rooftop systems to smaller setups on boats or RVs. LDSOLAR solar charge controller is your best choose .


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Post time: May-23-2019
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