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 "Ldsolar" a story about dream

 The end of 2013 seemed to see it all. Smog has covered most cities across the country for two months. what's worse, we all realized that it was not going away but will come back soon.

   In fact, Smog appears not only in 2013,but as early as 10 years ago. At that time,we did not know what is smog and thought it was just fog. When I saw Under The Dome that is a documentary film produced by Chaijing, it is an interview to a 6-year-old girl from Xiaoyi, Shanxi province, she was asked for these questions and answered then,

“Have you ever seen real stars on the sky?” “definitely not.”

“ or a blue sky?” “actually, I've seen pale blue sky.”

“Have you ever seen snowy clouds?” “No.”

   I could not have imagined that this would be the world in which my children would live in the future.

  Here's a more startling set of data: In 2014, there were 175 days of pollution in Beijing, respectively 197 days in Tianjin, 152 days in Shenyang, 197 days in Chengdu, 112 days in Lanzhou and 264 days in Shijiazhuang!

  Not only is our blue sky polluted, but also our rivers ---88.4 percent of rivers in Shanxi are polluted. Our land ---according to a survey, 30% of the land in the suburbs of Nanjing is contaminated, and 17.97% of the soil in Zhejiang province is also contaminated with heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead and arsenic.

   However, tens of millions of ordinary families require construction and improvement as China economic progresses. As history tells us vividly, London smog event in 1952, Los Angeles photochemical smog event in the United States during from 1940 to 1960, Minamata event in Japan in 1956 and etc.

   What can I do for the world as a human being?

    Therefore I made a decision in 2006 when I determined to get involved in solar photovoltaic industry. I know it is a sunrise industry as well as an emerging new energy and environmental protection industry. I began to keep it in my mind to devote myself to the photovoltaic industry in my lifetime. Although photovoltaic can't change the environment we live in, one small step for everyone will eventually contribute a big step to the environment. As an emerging industry, it is impossible to make all the products in this industry. As a result, I need to find my own positioning. With our own advantages, we choose the solar controller as the base point to serve customers and the environment we live in.

   Now that we had a goal, we then registered the company. The first thing coming to my mind is to name our company. At that time, a saying "We Lead Solar" came first to my mind. If the first two words "We" and "Lead" joint together, thus "Welead" would come into being. There is a coincidence with my name “Wei”(Wei in Chinese has similar sound with We in English.) Hence, Wuhan Welead Technology Co. Ltd was successfully registered. Moreover, a company must have a brand symbol. I took the last two words of that saying, “Ldsolar” (LD) as an abbreviation of “Lead Solar”. LD happens to be the first letter of "li De" in Chinese pinyin. Well, this is satisfying and suitable symbol.

   What about the product name? At that time I didn't know what to do for a while. What is our mission? Our products make people a better life. This is our lifelong dream. This dream is deeply rooted in the dreams of every staff in LD. So I decided to name our products with dreams!

Ocean Dream (abbreviated as OD)

Land Dream (abbreviated as LD)

Sky Dream (abbreviated as SD)

Tracer Dream (abbreviated as TD)

Green Dream (abbreviated as GD)

Earth Dream (abbreviated as ED)

     I dream that one day, the sky is as blue as the sea, a few snowy clouds floating leisurely and sprinkling on the sky, like a wonderful dream!

     I have a dream that one day, the lake will become as clear as crystal, as clam as mirror. There is not even a ripple on the lake, like a sweet dream!

     I have a dream that one day the earth will be covered with green grass, where children will run and play, just like a warm dream.

     I have a dream

    A lifelong dream!

    With this dream, we will reap the fruits of victory together, and resist the shadow of the valley together!

    With this dream, we can share arguments and agreements together, persist in and co-create together!

    With this dream, we can trust each other! Mutual support, common growth!

    I have a dream!

    A dream that will come true on day!

    Liaowei Wrote in  12/2013