D100V series MPPT controller can be equipped with a built-in Bluetooth monitoring module or an external Bluetooth WiFi module. You can choose the configuration that suits your system.

After this module is connected with your LDSOLAR solar controller, it can implement the wireless remote monitoring of the mobile phone APP without missing important data.


Two appearances to choose from

Two appearances to choose from: built-in bluetooth monitoring module for acquiring real-time data of the controller , or external  CM-M01 bluetooth module and CM-W01 WIFI modules to monitor by APP.

Built-in module:It is suitable for customers who newly purchase TD100V series solar controllers. It is directly built into the TD100V series, and it is simple and convenient without external connection.

External module:It is suitable for customers who have purchased TD100V series solar controller and equipped with RS485 communication interface. It can be directly connected to the outside of the TD100V series to easily realize mobile data monitoring.

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TD100V built-in/ external bluetooth module

Created on:2021-07-19 13:43